The JJK1000 is our flagship class and takes place every other Saturday at 08:45 at our studios in Kings Langley.  All participants will burn a minimum of 1000 calories
(Average calorie burn: Male = 1250 & Female = 1050)

The workout consists of 4 zones which are run by our team of highly qualified Personal Trainers and also features a live DJ.  The JJK1000 is open to members and non-members and is a fast paced and tough workout with an incredible atmosphere – suitable for anyone who loves a challenge!

New clients are welcome to come along to their first JJK1000 for free.   After the first free session, non-members can come along on a pay-as-you-go basis and will be charged £20.

Booking is essential and can be done online or via the JJK Personal Training app, or by emailing hello@jjkpersonaltraining.co.uk


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